Dental Technology

At Clinton Dental Professionals, we take pride in staying up-to-date on the latest dental technology to provide optimum care to our patients. Our office has digital charting, scheduling, x-rays and even our restorations are facilitated by dental technology. This not only aids in improving the quality of the dental treatment but also enables us to provide more convenient and efficient care for our patients.

Electronic Scheduling and Confirmation

Aside from calling the office, appointments can also be made via email, our website or via our Facebook page. Once scheduled, you will have the option to receive an email, text message or phone call for reminders and confirmation. For those patients unable to schedule appointments far in advance, the electronic recall reminders can be very helpful. You may also choose to opt out from any of the options mentioned above. This helps facilitate communication by whichever means is most convenient for you.

189Tech in Every Operatory!

  • Computers in each Operatory: Each of our six operatories has computers to facilitate scheduling, imaging and communication with the patient.
  • Digital Imaging: Our digital sensors not only provide clearer images, they also minimize radiation exposure and are available for evaluation much faster than with traditional film.
  • Diode Lasers: Our diode lasers allow us to conservatively modify the gum tissue to better access decay, reduce tissue inflammation and facilitate a more ideal fit of our restorations without discomfort to the patient.

Intra Oral Cameras

Each operatory  has an intra oral camera. This small, chairside camera helps us communicate to the patient what the providers are seeing during their evaluation and aids in monitoring the progression of dental pathology.

Intra Oral Cameras Gallery


Our CEREC machine allows us to design, mill and deliver ceramic restorations in one visit! Instead of taking an impression and sending the case to a laboratory to be completed, we can take a virtual impression and finalize everything in house. Once the crown is designed and milled, we bring it into our on-site laboratory for customized staining and glazing. Within one to two hours you are out the door with your new tooth! No temporaries or traditional impressions needed! Not only is it more convenient for our patients, but the technology is incredibly precise and helps us create beautiful, natural-looking teeth!

Cerec Machine Gallery

192Galileos 3D Imaging

Our Galileos scanner allows us to capture both two and three dimensional imaging to improve diagnosis and treatment. 3D imaging helps us better visualize dental anatomy, assess bone levels and diagnose pathology. It is an incredibly useful diagnostic tool and facilitates more ideal and predictable root canal therapy and implant placement. Combining CAD/CAM technology with the Galileos 3D Imaging allows us to place implants and design implant restorations with great accuracy and precision!

3d Imaging Gallery